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AITEC East Africa ICT Summit 2014 | AITEC East Africa ICT Summit Conference 2014
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Oshwal Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, 19th - 20th November 2014, Nairobi, Kenya
The time has come for East Africa’s long heralded ICT revolution to start delivering results that improve the quality of life for the region’s citizens. The technology is available, the international communication links are in place, the need is clear. Now we need to mobilise smart implementation strategies at company, community, village, city, region, district and county levels to bring to realisation effective service delivery, citizen engagement, health and other social services and education.  
Through its range of in-depth specialist streams, AITEC East Africa 2013 will provide a unique platform for ICT professionals and managers from all sectors to gather information, contacts, and knowledge to take back to their organisations to empower them to accelerate delivery of results. In addition, the Summit will act as a clearing house to identify synergies, link initiatives, form partnerships, avoid duplication of projects and waste of resources.
Through an intensive partnership programme, AITEC East Africa 2013 will bring together all stakeholder to ensure that the full panoply of regional and national ICT initiatives, whether by government, private sector and or development partners, will be represented, explained, examined – and hopefully priorities assigned, synergies identified and action accelerated.
AITEC East Africa ICT Summit 2014
Oshwal Centre
Tel: +44 1480 880774
Tel: +254 208 155 638
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